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81 Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs That Make Real Money in 2021

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Did you know that stay at home jobs are the ideal way to meet obligations at home and a career?

I’ve been working from home for the last 5 years and trust me I make more money being a stay at home working mom than I used to make with a 9 to 5 job.

There’s nothing more blessed than to have more time with our little ones!

 So if I can, why can’t you have family time and work time and make it mesh well together?

There is plenty of legit work from home jobs for moms that will help you reach your financial goals while taking care of your family at home.

This guide will show you different ways to make money from home as a stay at home mom and dad. These jobs offer you the ability to work comfortably from a home office. They can be anything, online or not.

Let me know in the comments section which jobs you think will work best for you. Don’t forget to share what you’re doing to make money from home as a mom too!

So, let’s go ahead and get started without further ado.

1. Blogging

This is an entry-level work from home which requires no previous experience.

Blogging is so far the best of all the stay at home jobs for moms! In my opinion, this is the most amazing stay at home mom job anyone could ever have! Blogging makes me more than enough money and that’s why I chose this as my full-time occupation.

There are many reasons why I emphasize this to be the best one out of the tons of job options for stay at home moms. Moms do have a great talent to share knowledge, share kindness, and help others. So why not use these talents to do something amazing and helpful.

So how can you make money blogging? There are numerous ways. You can start a service, offer courses, sell printables, sell products, do affiliate marketing, or have ads on the blog.

This is also one of the most flexible jobs you can have. And it’s earning potential is limitless!

2. Buying Discounted Products and Reselling Them

If you look around your home, you’ll see that things like toys and clothes lying here and there. Did you think that you could probably resell those and have an income? If you scroll through websites like eBay, you’ll see there are tons of used items that are for sale. You can easily take pictures and upload them to such sites and find buyers.

This is not a full-time income. But anyway, it has helped me to earn a few hundred. So why not start reselling unwanted items?

3. Affiliate Marketing

The most straight forward idea in affiliate marketing is a scenario where you recommend a product or a service to your friends. The key difference is you’ll promote these products or services through your own website or social media account. When a person clicks on your affiliate link and bought a product, you’ll receive a payment as a commission for promoting products online. Isn’t that cool?

Basically, affiliate marketing is based on concentrating on a specific niche, building a website, attracting visitors, and earning revenue.

4. Freelance Writing

This is the best option for someone who enjoys writing. If you’re so into writing, then you should consider this as a way to make money from home with kids. This too is one of the most flexible jobs since you can work on your own schedule as long as you can meet your deadlines.

The most interesting fact is that you can easily build a six-figure writing career if you’ve passionate about it.

5. Copy Writing

This is a fantastic job you can do if you’re working from home with a baby. This is very flexible too as if any of these writing jobs. You’ll have the freedom to take breaks and intervals to be with your baby and come back to your work.

The purpose of copywriting is selling. It is when you try to convince something to someone. This is all about products, researching, and finding a way to put it all together for others to read and encouraged to make an action.

6. Ghost Writing

This is ideal for you if you love writing but not interested in having your own blog. Websites and brands need fresh and unique content. That’s why you can easily become a ghostwriter for a large company or a well-reputed blogger.

And with the above-mentioned ways, people would pay you for your words.

7. Content Writing

People actually pay for words. That’s what we’ve been talking about up to this point.

Apart from the articles and blog posts companies do need written content. It could be emails, newsletters, sales pages, social media posts, you name it! The demand for content writers is growing day by day.

The purpose of content writing is to build brand awareness.

8. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assisting is also one of the best stay at home mom jobs! There are endless options and it’s super flexible.

The best thing about being a virtual assistant is that it’s comprised of various skills. You can help someone virtually with any of your skills.

Out of the hundreds of options out there, the most popular ones are email management, social media management, creating stock images, or creating infographics. If there’s anything that takes too much time, companies and brands will recruit and you can be a help for their business needs!

Nowadays businesses and brands are highly concerned about their online presence. So, there will be always an increasing demand for virtual assistants.

This can be done so easily when your kids are in school or sleeping. Sometimes you only have to spare a few hours of the day mostly during the day or night. It’s not difficult to find a job within one week and you can earn a few hundred dollars monthly. It totally depends on your skills and the path that you take.

In this article, I will also list out some of the rising jobs as virtual assistants.

Working From Home
Photo Courtesy: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

9. Social Media Image Creator

This falls into the category of virtual assistance.

Every website or every brand needs images or infographics in order to promote their content. So, if you love creating graphics, or if you have a talent to do so, then this would be a full-time income as a social media image creator.

10. Facebook Management

Do you know that managing Facebook can also generate an income? Yes. You can moderate Facebook groups, chat rooms, and webinars and get paid. If you’re familiar with how Facebook groups work, maintain the quality of a group and run promotions you can reach out to Facebook group administrators who are in need of moderators.

11. Infographics creator

People are ready to pay for infographics too. and the best thing is they are so easy to create! If you love to play with graphs, charts, and graphics then you have a future in infographic making!

You can whip up a catchy infographic in an hour or less with Canva, photoshop (if you got the skill), or even with PowerPoint.

12. Online Teaching

In which field are you good at? Do you have the ability to teach someone? And are you willing to share your knowledge? With the help of technology, you don’t need to go to school anymore to teach, as we all know right now. There are so many online platforms that you can easily teach to a variety of levels and different age groups.

13. Online English Teaching

Basically, you can teach people who live abroad, who are non-native English speakers. For an instance, you can teach kids in China, Korea, Spain, or Russia to speak English. You can have the comfort of your own home when your kids are asleep in the early mornings or late at night. You can easily do this without any interruption because of the time difference between the countries in the world. To be a teacher, you have to have several requirements such as academic qualifications, professional qualifications, and experience in teaching. So, if you meet these requirements, I highly recommend this job since it’s a great way to make money from home with kids.

14. Teach art online

Can you paint, draw and sketch? Are you good at teaching art? If you have potential, people will line up to learn from you. People love to do creations, both adults and children. They just need proper guidance.

You can easily start your own online course and people will register for your courses.

Showcase your talents through YouTube or any other social media platform and create your own personal brand. you can easily get traffic via your social media accounts and/or blog.

Apart from that, you could even host art classes at your own home!

15. Music teacher

Music is a universal language. People love to learn music regardless of their age. So if you’re good at playing an instrument or more, you can teach others in your community. This is another great way to earn extra income in your spare time.

16. Photographer

If you love taking photos or if you’re a family photographer, you should consider photography. It’s a great side income from home that could even bring something more. Now, what comes to your mind when you hear the word photography is that you have to travel a lot and cover many events in order to earn money. And with kids, this is something impossible for most of you. But believe me, there are several other things that could possibly earn you money. Without any expensive equipment, you can start earning money with photographs no matter what camera you have!

One best way to earn money as a photographer is shown in the next point.

17. Sell Stock Images

Companies, bloggers, and influencers need beautiful and unique stock images to use in their marketing campaigns and they’re ready to pay for great photography. If you have a creative eye why not take and sell stock images? It’s really lucrative and fun stay at home job you can easily do. It’s super flexible and you can do novel experiments each day with your creative eye!

One of the best examples for this is Shutterstock and iStock. And you wouldn’t believe even Instagram and Pinterest can be the platform to showcase your photographs and earn money.

18. Direct Sales

Direct sales are also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) can be a part of our money-making methods from home. You have to sign up with any MLM company and have a business model ready to go. There are so many companies as such. You can get discounted or free products from a company you love and help others while diversifying your income at the same time.

19. Online Proofreader

A proofreader often spots errors with reading. Do you have the eyes of an eagle to carefully spot spelling errors or grammar mistakes? (But don’t tell my own mistakes in this blog post!) If yes, you should really consider proofreading. Proofreaders are needed, full time or part-time. People seek a second eye on their writings. So, it’s a great way to make money with kids because you work around your own schedule as long as you can meet your deadlines.

20. Video Editor

If you’re good at video editing using software like Adobe Premiere Pro, a great work-at-home job is waiting for you. It is a very time-consuming job that companies do pay for them without any hesitation.

This is one of the best flexible jobs because you can decide how many clients you want to take per week. And it’s highly paying too.

21. Vlogging

Just think of all the YouTube stars! They all have started their journey from a very small step. You can be a social influencer. You can share your day to day activities and how you spend your life more productively. Moms around the world will be inspired to see your day and you can share tips and hacks to help fellow mommies.

This is not a big task if you have good presenting skills. Video editing skills would be a plus too.

22. Starting an Etsy Shop

Etsy is an online platform where you can sell products online. This is so far the greatest platform for creative moms! If you’re good at crafting, try Etsy and you’ll earn some great money by selling your crafty items. Can you sew or knit? Or can you design business cards, brochures, and other things? Etsy can be your main hustle online. You can have a shop on your own blog and direct people to your Etsy shop.

You can sell creative printables too. I’ll be talking about that too in this article.

23. Make printables

Do you have a creative eye? Are you skilled in graphics and creative arts? Do you know there’s a high demand for cute and creative printables? You don’t have to be a photoshop expert for this. Programs like Canva can be a good place for you to start creating printables.

24. Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA Program)

This is also known as retail arbitrage. You buy something for a cheaper price and resell it on Amazon for a profit. Trust me, there are many successful people who make millions per year with this. Sometimes it’s just luck and you also need skills to find cheaper items. It is not difficult to make a full-time income only with this.

The number of people who are shopping on Amazon is increasing day by day. Thus, the popularity and the demand to become an FBA seller is also growing rapidly. So why not give it a try?

25. Writing And Selling eBooks

Are you a creative writer? Or do you love writing? If yes, have you ever tried creating your own eBooks? Places like Amazon have a huge customer base that you can easily touch. The more positive reviews you get, the better you can sell on Amazon.

Being digital you no need to worry about the storage and the overhead costs as you would with real books.

If you have a website, you can sell your eBooks through that too. you can do it all yourself, no publishers are needed!

This is another amazing job for moms with babies.

26. Newspaper Columnist

Another cool job if you’re good at writing.

The world is updating always. Things happen everywhere. People need more new things. And these new things are the news, of course! In fact, anything can be a piece of news if communicated properly! That’s why columnists are needed always.

You just have to have good writing skills and communicating well through the written media.

Try local newspapers first. Inform them that you need to work from home. With time you can try larger newspapers. It’s also possible to apply to write for online newspapers too. You could showcase your writing skills by starting a blog. That would be a great resume builder for you.

27. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a productive work from home job for moms. If you learn this correctly and if you’ve got enough time and effort, this is one of the best ways to make a huge income as a stay at home mom. This is becoming more popular since it’s such an effective way to make money. The main advantage of Dropshipping is that you don’t need to worry about how to store the inventories.

28. Tutoring

You can be an educational tutor for kids in their school subjects when they need help. This could be either online or in person. If they live far away, Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet would be the best options.

Photo Courtesy: Pexels/Julia M Cameron

29. Online Course Creating

If you have a great skill to teach creating online courses is another great option for you. It’s another good way to teach others your knowledge. if you have the skill, qualifications, and experience, people will pay to learn it from you. There are many online platforms to create online courses easily.

30. Travel Agent

Booking vacations for people seems pretty interesting. You’ll interact with people who are keen on finding the best destinations to travel to. Isn’t that amazing?  

31. Travel Consultant

There are plenty of virtual travel positions in the industry. Travel consultants usually perform tasks such as managing travel arrangements for clients including airline, resort, cruise line, or excursion bookings. Sometimes you will receive a benefit of travel credit that could also let you and your family travel. So needless to say, this position can grant special benefits to your whole family.

32. Virtual Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers usually record financial transactions for small businesses. I feel this is a great job for moms because there are a lot of women who’re doing well with this full-time occupation. If you have past experience in finance, then you should definitely try this.

This would be perfect for you if you’re an organized person who likes to have things organized and good at numbering too.

33. Web Designing

Web designers usually create visuals for a website, select catchy fonts/ colors/ themes, design navigational elements, and create graphics with the use of coding. For this type of job, previous experience and a good portfolio are necessary. Web designing is one of the best and high paying jobs that can be done as a remote job. And there are plenty of freelancing job positions for this.

34. Marketing Specialist

Marketing positions vary a lot. There are plenty of marketing positions including marketing coordinator, SEO specialist, and content strategist. As a marketer, you’ll have to work on promoting a brand, product, service, or public figure. This is done by branding and outreach.

35. Online Coach

Being an online coach could come in many forms including mentorship, private Facebook group training, masterclass retreat, online submissions, and one-to-one coaching.

You would do good with a certificate.

36. Life Coach

This might be kind of unexpected. I know for sure you may be thinking “There’s no way I could be a life coach,” or “That’s so not for me!” blah blah blah. Being a certified life coach, I know this is not really hard. But I also know that you don’t really need a college degree to be a one. This is an amazing career that you can develop over time slowly. Being a life coach doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re coaching someone through the dark times of their lives. It could simply mean that you’re inspiring another mom to have a positive outlook on life to be successful in her career life, her marriage life, her education, or her relationships. You can specialize in different people’s lives depending on whatever your strengths are. Simply you don’t necessarily need to be the perfect all-rounder. To be honest we all are trying to achieve that level. Nevertheless, life coaching can vary depending on whatever your skillset is.

It’s really important to identify what your skills are especially if you’re someone who hasn’t worked online before. If you don’t know what and how to sell people online, you’ll never make it through. It’s important to look within yourself and ask yourself things such as “What am I good at?” It doesn’t necessarily mean subjects like math or science or accounting.

It could be inner things. You have to identify your strengths and attributes that can give to the world. It’s all about understanding each other, caring, and sharing.

37. Virtual Health Coach

If you’re a stay at home mom who works on your own fitness to stay in shape and healthy, why not become a virtual health coach? You can simply share your skills with others. As a virtual health coach in fitness or/and mental health, you can help others live a healthier life. You can also keep your own health journey on track.

38. Accounting Clerk

Accounting clerks have to maintain financial records, prepare reports, process transactions, provide clerical support, and reconcile banking statements. You can also apply for this type of job if you’re good at bookkeeping, word processing, and data entry. You can find remote roles, full time, part-time, or freelance.

39. Recruiting Coordinator

If you’re good at assisting people to get hired into new jobs, this may be the right position for you. They are responsible for filling the positions. Companies employ them or they can even be third party individuals with no affiliation to the company.

40. Headhunter

Companies and businesses are always looking for great employees because they just want to increase their productivity and reach their business goals more efficiently. So, there will be a demand if you have the skills to explore people’s talents, go through their professional and academic qualifications, and find them. They are responsible for locating qualified candidates. Headhunters are hired by companies to find, vet, and introduce suitable candidates for a job position. Being a headhunter, you have to find prospects that possess unique and hard-to-find skill sets.

41. Customer Service Representative

This type of job typically involves providing information about a product or a service. Companies tend to hire customer service reps from home and now it has become a trend. It can be either remote weekend jobs or part-time jobs or full-time jobs.

This is more suitable for you if your kids are in school during the day.

Most probably you’ll need a quiet place without any interference. Of course, it’s necessary to have good listening skills and communication skills.

Sometimes companies may require a high school diploma or even previous customer service experience. You will be required to be fully informed about the company that you will be working with and also to prepare yourself to answer efficiently the questions that will come your way.

42. Virtual Receptionist

So, we all know what a traditional receptionist would do. The same goes with a virtual receptionist but in a different way. You will have to answer phone calls and reply to web chats for a variety of businesses, brands, and public figures. Since it’s fast-paced work, you ought to have previous phone experience and a piece of good knowledge of the company that you represent.

43. Social Media Specialist

In a profession related to social media, you’re required to create content for a company’s or a brand’s social media sites to help grow their fanbase, communities, and followers. Maybe you’re already a social media savvy individual who posts about your kids’ achievements and following your favorite brands and influencers. This is so natural work at home mom job, so why not give it a try?  

44. Social Media Manager

Being successful in a business is impossible without a strong online presence and a social media presence. Companies do know that, but they don’t have enough time for that. So, they usually hire someone as their social media manager and most of the time it’s working from home.

This is a great job you can do even with a toddler.

Try starting with smaller companies first, and eventually, you can attract new clients, or you can pitch your services to a larger company.

45. Pinterest Management

Managing social media is not a difficult task to learn. Among all these social media management positions, we recommend specializing in Pinterest since right now the demand lies in there. Many businesses, products, and especially bloggers need someone to manage their Pinterest accounts since Pinterest now has become one of the largest traffic generating resources.

46. Transcriber

Another great way to make money from home is becoming a transcriber. How well are your typing skills? What transcribers do is, they record what they hear from audio files. Basically, they’re taking audio recordings. By doing this too you can work on your own schedule as long as you’re able to meet your deadlines.

47. Freelance Makeup Artist

This is a perfect position for anyone who is interested in beauty and cosmetics. If you have a passion for makeup and the ability to build up a network with others, this could be what you’re looking for. For this type of career, networking is a necessary thing.

48. Brand Ambassador

You will be receiving goals offered by brands each month, and you will be working on your schedule to accomplish those tasks. A brand ambassador’s ultimate goal is to team up with a brand or brands to construct a client-based business selling products/ services on social media.

This can be a great job to work with kids.

Work From Home Mom With Baby
Image Courtesy: Pexels/Polina Tankilevitch

49. Seamstress

Do you possess the skill to sew, mend, and alter clothes? There are several pathways if you own these skills. You can be a seamstress and start your own local business. Or even you can start a fashion or lifestyle blog and showcase your talents to others to open many doors for an extra income.

50. Freelance Interior Designer

Do you have a passion for interior design and decorate rooms? Do you have that creative eye to decorate rooms nicely and organize furniture? It requires a lot of practice and dedication to be a professional and skilled interior designer. Earning a six-figure salary as an interior designer is not difficult if you have good skills. Someone is needed to watch your kids while you’re away in a meeting with clients or shopping for clients.

51. Home Organizer

Do you have skills in organizing, minimizing, and decluttering? Well, then people need you. In fact, they’re looking for you!

Stuck at home with kids? No chance to visit your clients? Don’t worry. That’s when technology comes for your help! You can easily arrange a virtual tour with your clients and assist them in organizing their messy closets, cluttered garages, untidy bedrooms, or dirty kitchens! The demand is high and so are the chances.

52. Journal Spreads

If you love doodling in your journal, and if you’re extremely creative with outstanding handwriting skills, you’ll be paid for creating beautiful journal spreads. Trust me, even I’ve tried this amazing thing.

53. Pet Sitting

I know you love your babies. But do you love four-legged babies too? If yes, this would be a great opportunity.

This is a cool thing to do even with babies around you. It would be so sweet that he will have a wonderful experience of playing with puppies and taking care of little animals.

54. Dog Walking

Do you spend your days pushing your baby around your village in a stroller? Then why not make some extra income from home and walk the neighbor’s dog? This is a lovely part-time job as your babies too would start loving and playing with little puppies.

55. Social Media/ Search Engine Evaluator

A search engine evaluator or a social media evaluator usually rate search engine results and social media ads for relevancy. This is one of the easiest home jobs for moms. It requires no prior experience or training. You’re free to create your own schedule. It’s a flexible part-time job for stay at home moms.

56. In-Home Childcare

If you love children and have a passion to impact their fragile lives, this is something that you should look forward to. This is a great opportunity to work from home if you have enough resources and patience to look after the kids.

In fact, you already have one or more kiddos with you all day long. So why not run an in-home daycare?

You’ll automatically have the advantages of playtime and socialization with your own babies. But before starting your home daycare business you’ll have to consider many legal facts too.

57. Babysitting

You may not want to run an in-home daycare. But do you know that sometimes parents are looking for help at random times when they need to go out or work? This is an easy way to make money home as a mom.

Already you’re home looking after your own babies, why not babysit 1 or 2 more? That’s why this is a great job you can do with a baby at home.

58. Product Tester

Do you know that companies do pay you for testing and reviewing their brand-new products?

59. Amazon Delivers

This is also good if you can spare a few hours when our little ones go to preschool. A large company in the world offers you a flexible job which is becoming an Amazon shopper, you will get paid to shop.

60. Clean Houses

This too you may consider if you have someone to look after your kids like for two or three days. This is also a flexible job that requires no skill at all. You can decide which hours work best for you. And at the same time, it costs no money to get started.           

61. Do Laundry

Did you know that you can make up to $500 a week just by doing laundry? It’s true! Although this is a usual day-to-day task that we all do, some really don’t have the time to do it. But yes, they have enough money and thus outsourcing has become the new normal.

62. Ironing Clothes

Yep, you heard it right. Ironing is actually a service that some people pay for! They just send you the clothes that need to be ironed and pick them up when you finished the work.

This is one task that people would not want to do. So, they just leave their clothes for someone else to do that.

You can try this too and you’ll be paid for that. This will not be your main income for sure. But still, it will be sufficient to pay your mortgage, right?

63. Test Apps and Websites

Did you know that you can get paid by testing apps and websites? Companies will pay you since they need feedback on the user experience of their web applications, mobile applications, websites, etc. There are reputable companies that you can sign up for. Make sure the companies that you sign up for, are trustworthy and non-scamming. This is a very easy and fast way to make money online.

64. Take Paid Online Surveys

I know that you never wanted to be that one to stay home and take surveys but when it can give you the extra money you need, why not? There are many Survey websites on the Internet and the more sites you sign up for, the more you’ll earn. You can share your opinion to help different brands deliver better services and products and you’ll be paid in the form of gift cards or through PayPal. But be aware, some can be just scams!

This won’t be a steady, full-time income, but nevertheless, it’s a great way to find some extra income.

65. Telemarketer

You don’t need to commute anywhere to work. Some companies seek for work from home surveyors and telemarketers.

66. Freelancing

Freelancing is a commonly used term these days. It’s when you find jobs, projects, or tasks to do for clients. The list of things that you can do as a freelancer is quite extensive. For example, you can think of writing articles for a website, editing videos for Facebook, creating infographics for a lifestyle influencer, or even developing software for a company.

This also is a great job for moms since you’re really working on your own terms. Simply you have the freedom to accept or reject projects that you get the chance to work on. Also, if you need a break for a few weeks or months you’re free to take your own decision.

There are many freelancing websites too including Fiverr, Upwork, People Per Hour, 99 Designs, etc. You can visit these sites and apply for the jobs that suit you the best. Just browse through their websites and you’ll find a huge list of jobs you can do as a stay at home mom.

67. Email responder

Bloggers, public figures, companies, and brands get so many emails that they literally hire someone just for the task of answering them. If you have good reading, writing, and responding skills, then it’s your chance. This is a great way to earn extra income from home!

68. Company trainer

If you’re an expert in any field, you can contract yourself out to train others for a company. It wouldn’t be a really flexible one but could be a great source of income for your family.   

69. Voiceover

If you’re lucky to have a cool and attractive voice, this is your chance! Different companies are looking for voice overs, you just need to look around online!

70. Data entry

This is also another type of job that falls into the virtual assisting category. Data entry jobs are easy jobs that you can do as a stay at home mom. This is also one of the most flexible work from home jobs since you’re able to do this at random times in your work schedule. You are allowed to manage all your daily routine with your kids by scheduling your tasks while they’re at school or sleeping.

71. Real estate agent

Being a real estate agent is a legit way to earn an income while you’re staying at home. Selling homes and providing tours doesn’t mean that you can’t stay at home.

72. Website developer

Well, this too is a great paying freelancing job. But you need to be highly skilled in computer programming and coding. Companies, brands, and public figures always seek the assistance of a web developer for their websites. If you have some kind of previous experience in the development field or if you have coding knowledge, then this is totally enough as your full-time income.

Woman working from home as a programmer
Image Courtesy: Pexels/Cottonbro

73. UI/UX designer

UX designing and UI developing basically are where you make websites play nice with users. It requires a lot of experience and practice. It’s good if you have previous knowledge. But most companies seek talent rather than academic qualifications. So it’s necessary to have a portfolio to showcase your talents.

74. Catering

If you’re gifted with a talent to bake melt-in-mouth cookies, it’s time to build your own business. Parties, special occasions, and holidays are times when everyone needs sweetmeats or regular meals ordered to their doorsteps.

You can start a small catering business. Try baking personal cakes, cookies, snacks, and meals. This is a delicious stay at home job for moms.

75. Cake designer

People will always need cakes and cupcakes. Who doesn’t love to have sweets at parties anyway? And it’s a trend to have personalized cakes and cupcakes at parties and functions. If you are blessed to have skills in cake designing, baking, and decorating, there will be opportunities for you always. There’s always high demand and a big market for this industry.

76. Recipe Creator

Creating recipes can actually earn a pretty decent income working from home, regardless of the niche.

Magazines, bloggers, and online publications are frequently looking for recipes and food photography to feature in their publication. If you’re passionate about cookery and photography, you can make a good income working from home.  

77. Party planner

Celebrations will never cease. Parties can take place at any time. Everyone loves partying too. Wouldn’t it be awesome to make an income from organizing and planning parties and events for other people? It’s yet another easy way to earn money from home.  Well, you can turn this into one of the best jobs for you as a mom!

No one ever gets tired of parties. Especially being around happy and lively people sounds like the best way to make a living.

Pinterest is one of the best platforms that you can get inspired too.

78. Wedding Planner

I still remember my wedding day, the anticipations, the hopes, and of course the attention. We’re never the center of attention again! This is a good chance for you to relive that precious day through somebody else. You can make their precious day into the most memorable and loveliest day in their lives.

Want to know how to make another income with this? Well, you can even combine your photography skills with event planning skills. You can send your clients a thank you book with all the lovely moments of the most precious day in their lives.

79. Hairdressing

If you already have skills, or if you have that gut and potential to learn hairdressing, this too is one of the best work-from-home mom jobs. If you have sufficient space and time, running your own salon from the comfort of your home is a great choice.

You can start your journey simply with your loved ones. Just let your family and friends that you’re there for their hair styling needs.  They’d love to hear that! And eventually, the customer base will be increased with your skills.

80. Scrapbooking Artist

Moms do want scrapbooks for their kids, but many of them just don’t have the time to do one. That’s why you can start your own business where you can make those memories for them!

If you have a creative eye, you can convert your skills into a great work from home job!

You could also teach people how to create attractive layouts or sell your artistic creations as a digital product or offer it as a service.

81. On-air DJ

Do you always need to go to a studio to be able to be on the air? Not at all! With technology you just need to spare only a few hours daily and work for it. You can easily set up your own radio set and go live right from your home!

You may have noticed that podcasts are growing in popularity and it could be a really great way to create your own show!

This list will be continuously updated, and I’ll share more details. Stay tuned!

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