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The Most Important Thing I’ve Learnt from Working at Home During the Pandemic

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Due to the pandemic situation, I had to remove the office I had in our own home. Instead, I created a work from home environment for everyone so that they don’t need to attend the office daily. Arranging things this way has helped my business grow immensely within this short period of time. Below are some of the advantages I’ve gained so far.

01.   We get enough time to be with our kids. After all, for us, moms, what more should we demand? Of course, sometimes we have to face some difficulties when working from home with kids. But if we manage our time properly, it won’t be a big issue.

02.   Now we have all the time we had been spending on the roads throughout the months. Sometimes our employees had to spend a lot of time due to the traffic and because of that, there were latecomers to the office. There were few employees who had to travel a long distance to the office. Now all the time can be saved. No energy wastage is done while traveling. It ultimately increases productivity.

03.   The variable cost has been significantly decreased. I could save all the money that was spent on things such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and daily cleaning of the office.

04.   We all can easily communicate with each other because of the evolvement of technology. We all get these free of charge.

Even though we don’t have a physical office anymore, all the work is done and handled nicely, thanks to the technology. None of us have to bear the expenses, waste the time, energy, and money as earlier. Anyone can easily work even in their pajamas. The clothes you wear doesn’t really matter as long as the job is done properly. (There are jobs that a uniform or a professional attire does matter. I know!) Anyway, our time is saved, and it can be spent with our family, lover, children, friends, or our own self.

My husband too is now working from home due to the recent situation of the pandemic. We both have realized that this method is really effective and successful. It is only when we are here together that we really understand how much unnecessary time we’ve set aside only for the road traffic everywhere.

Office rent, electricity bills, telephone bills, transportation costs all drop to zero in the work from home system. So how much will our environment and nature change after this catastrophe if we end these unnecessary trips and move to work from home?

When the fuel consumption is reduced it’s the environment that affects the most in a good way.

So, in my opinion, moving to work from home option is the best thing we can do if possible, even after this pandemic is over.

What’s your opinion on working from home? Is it beneficial for you too as a mom? Haven’t you tried it yet?

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