Baby Boy Names

Biblical Baby Boy Names

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Plucked right from the pages from the Christian and Hebrew scriptures, the following biblical baby boy names will be perfect name ideas for your baby-to-be.

From common names like Thomas and James to uncommon ones like Abdiel and Uriel, we’ve got so many options for your bundle of joy! Let this be your inspiration for choosing the best biblical name for your baby boy!

Happy Naming!

Biblical Baby Boy Names that Start With A

AaronTeacher, Mountain of strength[Exodus 4:14]
AbaddonThe Destroyer[Revelation 9:11]
AbagthaFortunate one[Esther 1:10]
AbanaMade of stone[2 Kings 5:12]
AbdielServant of God[1 Chronicles 5:15]
AbednegoShining[Daniel 1:7]
AbelBreath[Genesis 4:2]Hebrew
Abiah/ Abijahmy father is Yahweh[1 Samuel 8:2]
AbidanFather of judgment[Numbers 1:11]
AbishalomFather of peace[1 Kings 15:2]
AbsolomFather of peaceHebrew
AbishuaFather of salvation/ safety[1 Chronicles 6:4]
AbnerFather of light[1 Samuel 14:51]Hebrew
AbramHigh father[Genesis 11:10-27]Hebrew
AbrahamFather of the nations[Genesis 17:5]Hebrew
AdamTaken out of the red earth, man[Genesis 2:4]Hebrew
AdinaSlender, Delicate[1 Chronicles 11:42]
AdrielGod’s helper, Man’s saver[1 Samuel 18:19]
AenonFountain[John 3:23]Greek
AmariahYahweh has said[1 Chronicles 6:7]
AmaziahStrength of God[Genesis 11:27]Hebrew
AmokDepth[Nehemiah 12:7]
AmosThe one who carries the burden[Amos 1:1]Hebrew
AnaniCovered with God[1 Chronicles 3:24]Hebrew
AnaniasAnswered by the Lord[Acts 5:1]Hebrew
AndrewStrong man, Powerful[Matthew 4:18]Greek
AndronicusVictory of a man[Romans 16:7]Latin
ApolloYouthful god of music[Acts 18:24]
AquilaEagle[Acts 18:2]Latin
AsaCure, Healer[1 Kings 15:8]Hebrew
AsahelGod hath made[2 Chronicles 17:8]
AsherHappy[Genesis 30:13]Hebrew
Asriel/ AshrielVow of god[Numbers 26:31]
Azareel/ AzaraelGod is a helper[1 Chronicles 12:6]
AzariahHe that hears the Lord[1 Kings 4:2]
AzmonOur strength[Numbers 34:4]

Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting With B

BarakThunder, Blessing[Judges 4:6]Hebrew
BartholomewSon of Tolmai[Matthew 10:3]Hebrew
BaruchBlessed[Nehemiah 3:20]
BenjaminSon of the right hand[Genesis 49:27]
BethuelDweller in God[Genesis 22:22]

Biblical Baby Boy Names that Start With C

CainSpear, Possessed[Genesis 4:1]
CalebWhole heart, Devotion of the faithful[Numbers 13:6]
ClaudiusCrippled[Acts 18:2]
CorneliusThe beam of the sun[Acts 10:3]

Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting With D

DalphonThe house of caves[Esther 9:7]
DanielGod is my judge[Ezekiel 14:14]Hebrew
DariusA king[Ezra 4:5]Persian
DavidBeloved[1 Samuel 16:1]
DemetriusFollower of DemeterGreek
DishonLeaping[Genesis 36:21]

Biblical Baby Boy Names that Start With E

EbenezerRock of help[1 Samuel 4:1]
EladahGod hath adorned[1 Chronicles 7:20]
EdreiA very great mass[Numbers 21:33]
EleadGod continues[1 Chronicles 7:21]
EleazarGod is helper[Exodus 6:23]
EliakimGod is setting up[2 Kings 18:18]
ElielGod is God[1 Chronicles 5:24]
ElihuHe is my God[1 Samuel 1:1]Hebrew
EliezerGod is my help[Exodus 18:4]
ElijahMy God is Yahweh[1 Kings 17:1]Hebrew
ElimThe strong[Exodus 15:27]
EliphazThe endeavor of God[Genesis 36:4]
ElishaMy God is salvation[1 Kings 19:16]
ElonOak tree, strong[Genesis 26:34]Hebrew
Emmanuel/ ImmanuelGod is with us[Isaiah 7:14]Hebrew, Latin
EnochTrained, Dedicated[Genesis 5:24]Hebrew
EphraimFruitful[Genesis 41:52]Hebrew
EranVigilant[Numbers 26:36]
ErastusBeloved[Acts 19:22]
EsauRough[Genesis 25:25]
EthanStrong, Enduring, Firmness, Perplexity[1 Kings 4:31]Hebrew
EzekielGod is strong[Ezekiel 1:3]
EzraMy helper[Ezra 7:1]Hebrew

Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting With F

FelixHappy[Acts 23:24]Latin

Biblical Baby Boy Names that Start With G

GabrielGod is my strength[Daniel 8:16]Hebrew
GaddielThe Lord is my happiness[Numbers 13:10]
GaiusI am glad[Acts 19:29]
GamalielMy reward is God[Acts 5:34]
GideonGreat warrior[Judges 6:1]Hebrew

Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting With H

HazielVision of God[1 Chronicles 23:9]
HebronCompany[Exodus 6:18]
HelekSmoothness[Numbers 26:30]
HezekiahJehovah is strength[2 Kings 16:20]Hebrew
HiramExalted brother[2 Samuel 5:11]Hebrew

Biblical Baby Boy Names that Start With I

IsaacLaugh[Genesis 17:19]Hebrew
Isaiah/ EsaiahSalvation is of the Lord[2 Kings 19:2]
IshmaelGod listensHebrew
IshuahEqual, Self-satisfied[Genesis 46:17]
IsraelGod contends[Genesis 32:28]Hebrew

Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting With J

JacobSupplanter, He who follows after[Genesis 25:26]Hebrew
JadaWise[1 Chronicles 2:28]
JairusHe will enlighten[Mark 5:22]
JakimHe raises up[1 Chronicles 8:19]
JamesSupplanter[Matthew 4:21]English
JaphethBeauty[Genesis 5:32]
JaredDescending[Genesis 5:20]Hebrew
JasonHealing[Romans 16:21]Greek
JedaiahJehovah is praised[1 Chronicles 4:37]
JedidiahBeloved of Jehovah[2 Samuel 12:25]
JehielGod will live[1 Chronicles 15:18]
JemimaHandsome as the day[Job 42:14]
JerahThe Moon[Genesis 10:26]
JerahmeelGod will have pity[1 Chronicles 2:9]
Jeremiah/ JeremiusExalted of God[2 Kings 23:31]
JerichoThe Moon, Fragrance[Numbers 22:1]Hebrew
JerohamLove[1 Samuel 1:1]
JesaiahJehovah is opulent or hath saved[1 Chronicles 12:6]
JesimielGod sets up[1 Chronicles 4:36]
JesseGift[Ruth 4:17]Hebrew
JobOne ever returning to God[Job 1:1]
JoelThe Lord is God[1 Chronicles 4:35]
JohnGod is gracious[Acts 4:6]
JonathanThe Lord gave[Judges 18:30]
JordanDescend[Genesis 13:10]
JosephMay Jehovah add or increase[Genesis 30:24]Hebrew
JoshuaJehovah is salvation[Exodus 17:9]
JosiahThe fire of the Lord[1 Kings 13:2]
JothamThe perfection of the Lord[Judges 9:5]
JubalTrumpet[Genesis 4:21]
JudasPraise[Matthew 26:15]Hebrew

Biblical Baby Boy Names that Start With K

KorahIcy[Genesis 36:5]

Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting With L

LaelDevoted to God[Numbers 3:24]Hebrew
LazarusGod has helped[Luke 16:19]
LemuelDevoted to God[Proverbs 31:1]
LeviAttached[Genesis 29:34]
LuciferBringing light, Son of the morning[Isaiah 14:12]
LuciusLuminous[Acts 13:1]
LukeLuminous[2 Corinthians 8:16]

Biblical Baby Boy Names that Start With M

MalachiMessenger of Jehovah[Malachi 1:1]
MarkShining[Acts 12:12]
MatthewGift of Jehovah[Matthew 9:9]
Micah/ Michah/ MicaOne who is like God[Judges 17:1]Hebrew
MichaelOne who is like God[Daniel 10:13]
MosesTaken out of the water[Exodus 2:10]
MishaelWho is like God[Exodus 6:22]

Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting With N

NadabLiberal[Exodus 6:23]
NahalielValley of God[Numbers 21:19]
NahalalPraised[Joshua 19:15]
NahumComforter[Nahum 1:1]
NathanRewarded[1 Chronicles 3:5]Hebrew
NathanielThe gift of God[John 1:45]Hebrew
NathanaelGod has given[John 1:45]Hebrew
Neco/ NechoOne who was beaten[2 Chronicles 35:20]
NehemiahJehovah has consoled[Nehemiah 1:1]Hebrew
NekodaDistinguished[Ezra 2:48]
NemuelGod is spreading[Numbers 26:9]
NereusWater[Romans 16:15]
NicodemusVictor over the people[John 3:1]Greek
NoahRest, Repose[Genesis 6:8]Hebrew

Biblical Baby Boy Names that Start With O

ObadiahWorshipper of God[1 Kings 18:3]Hebrew
OmarHe that speaks[Genesis 36:11]Hebrew
OphelHelp[2 Chronicles 27:3]
OsheaJehovah is salvation[Numbers 13:8]
OthnielPowerful one, Lion of God[Judges 1:13]
OzniAttentive, Jehovah hears[Genesis 46:16]

Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting With P

PaulLittle[Acts 13:7]Latin
Perez/ PereshDistinction[Genesis 38:29]
PeterRock[Matthew 4:18]Greek
PhilemonAffectionate[Philemon 1:1]
PhiletusBeloved[2 Timothy 2:17]
PhilipHorse lover[Matthew 10:3]Greek
PhineasFace of trust[Exodus 6:25]Hebrew

Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting With R

Rakem/ RekemFriendship[1 Chronicles 7:16]
RamiahJehovah is exalted[Ezra 10:25]
RephaelGod is a healer[1 Chronicles 26:7]
ReubenVision of the son[Genesis 29:32]Hebrew
RoshThe beginning[Genesis 46:21]
RufusRed[Mark 15:21]Latin
RumahSublime[2 Kings 23:36]

Biblical Baby Boy Names that Start With S

SamsonSun, Strong[Judges 13:24]Hebrew
SamuelAsked of God[1 Samuel 1:1]Hebrew
SaulPrayed for[Acts 7:58]Hebrew
SergiusTo guard[Acts 13:7]
SethAppointed[Genesis 4:25]Hebrew
ShebaSeventh, An oath[Genesis 10:7]
Simon/ SimeonHearing with acceptance[Matthew 4:18]Hebrew
SilasLover of words[Acts 15:22]Latin
Sivan[Esther 8:9]
SolomonPeace[2 Samuel 5:14]Hebrew
StephenCrown[Acts 6:5]English

Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting With T

TarsusFeathered[Acts 9:11]
TheophilusLoved by God[Luke 1:3]
ThomasTwin[Matthew 10:3]Greek
TheudasFlowing with water[Acts 5:36]
TimonWorthy[Acts 6:5]
Timothy/ TimotheusHonor of God[Acts 16:1]Greek
TitusAvenger, Honorable[Acts 16:1]Greek
Tobias/ TobiahJehovah is good[Ezra 2:60]Hebrew
TilonSmall walk[1 Chronicles 4:20]Hebrew

Biblical Baby Boy Names that Start With U

UriEnlightened[Exodus 31:2]
UelThe will of God[Ezra 10:34]
Urias/ UriahThe Lord is my light[2 Kings 16:10]Hebrew
UrielGod is my light[1 Chronicles 6:24]Hebrew
UzziahStrength, My strength is LordHebrew

Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting With V

VaniahGod is praise[Ezra 10:36]

Biblical Baby Boy Names Starting With Z

ZachariahJehovah has remembered[2 Kings 14:29]Hebrew
ZacchaeusThe Lord recalledHebrew
ZebadiahThe Lord is my portion[1 Chronicles 8:15]
ZebedeeGift of GodHebrew
Zerah/ Zarah/ ZaraSpringing up of light[Genesis 36:13]
Zemira/ ZemirahA melody[1 Chronicles 7:8]
ZephaniahHidden by GodHebrew
ZephaniahGod hides[Zephaniah 1:1]
ZohethStrong[1 Chronicles 4:20]
ZoharShining[Genesis 23:8]
ZurielGod is a rock[Numbers 3:35]


For years, the Holy Bible has been a valuable source of inspiration. If you’re looking for classic and Christian baby names, the Holy Bible is a major source since it has got a bunch of beautiful biblical baby names. Nonetheless, this couldn’t be your only source of inspiration when it comes to choosing the perfect moniker for your baby. Don’t forget to have a look at our other favorite baby names!

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